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@us2owls (1681)
United States
August 27, 2009 4:49pm CST
As many of you know my husband lives in the UK. He has what they call here a council flat as his home and has lived in it since 1994. In the USA it is called Public Housing run by HUD. When we got married - all heck broke loose by these overpaid, under intelligent, incompetent paper shufflers. The Housing Dept, is one of those places where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. My husband reported that he had got married and talk about a shambles - they wanted to know everything about me and I was surprised when they didn't ask how many times I went to the toilet each day. It cost me a small fortune getting all the paper work these idiots asked for. I had to have my house apraised and they wanted to tax us on it - heck I pay taxes on it and IMO it has nothing to do with them. What the whole episode amounted to was a gross invasion of my privacy. We just returned from a visit to the USA but they sure didn't reduce the amount they are charging us while I wasn't in their so called Council Flat. Today my husband was going through the mail. What did he find - another idiotic letter from them telling him what they used to determine the rent and tax etc. Since he has had four heart attacks and two hip replacements he gets a benefit called Attendance Allowance which is exempt from what they figure to determine his rent, but lo and behold what did they do - they added it to his pension making him pay far more than he should be. The mistakes these people have just made with us could fill a book. And we in the USA are complaining - well folks - just think wat we have to look forward to if Obama and his gang of thieves stay in power. Maybe they are getting directions on governing from the total waste of space they call Prime Minister here - Gordon Brown.
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@pumpkinjam (5808)
• United Kingdom
17 Sep 15
The English tax and benefits system. It hasn't improved a jot since you wrote this. It must be the only system where they use money you don't have to work out whether you can afford things. And, yes, they ask for ridiculous amounts of paperwork. I'm just going through it all with them now (not for the first time) and, no doubt, they'll ask for more paperwork until I give up.
@bestboy19 (5482)
• United States
28 Aug 09
It's probably all those taxes that causes you husband to have to live in a council flat. Bureaucrats are the same the world over and Obama wants us to have more.