Should Education be marginalized???

Dying Education  - Helping the cause of death for education system in India, by making the results in the form of graded one, cheating to the laborious student,thereby criminalizing the the society of India,breaking the backbone which is consider as the pillar of education. On the other hand you will notice all the pre-nursery schools are putting hugh load(pl. go through the syllabus) on these toddlers.....what's the ethics behind all these....???
August 27, 2009 7:14pm CST
India have already tabled the white paper on Education.... that is the results must be in the form of Grading system!!! It clearly shows the indifference towards the quality and more biased towards the failure/criminal.
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• Philippines
4 Sep 09
I can't possibly say that I completely understand what you are saying, so forgive me if my post would seem a bit off. Offhand, I could say that grading systems serve as proxies or representations of the quality of learning that any student has. It is not a complete measure of course, and higher grades don't always equate to higher successes, but having a standard grading system is a start. It would help if you could discuss the contents of the white paper more, and how it affects your people.