Instant relief - doctor or self medication

August 28, 2009 9:11am CST
In case of small ailments, cough, cold or pain what do you do? Go to the doctor or first try self medications. I try self medications first and when it does not work go to the doctor. But most of time my medications give excellent results. What do you do? Share your views.
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@divkris (1163)
• India
12 Sep 09
I would really opt for self medication when it comes to minor health troubles. But if it a serious one or when the minor trouble doesn't stop i prefer visiting the doctor instead of taking a risk. I'm a reiki healer too i heal myself once in a while. But when my daughter catches cold or falls ill temporarily i prefer the doctor instead of going with grandma tips :)
@lucy67 (819)
• China
31 Aug 09
i do the same way as you do. we know ourselves better than any others including doctors. i often do medications myself. as for doctors' suggestions, i will think before i make a decision to take them. i read books and articles on health care in my spare time so that i can learn something in this field.
• India
31 Aug 09
Yes you are right but sometimes things go out of hand where a proffessional help is very necessary. During such occasions going to the doctor is better.
• India
28 Aug 09
Hello Bewitched a good question indeed. For ordinary everyday ailments I usually take the usual medicines I have as stock. Sometimes I give healing to myself. Sometimes I ask the pharmacist to suggest some medicines. But only in case when none works I go to the doctor. But I make it a point to take the prescribed full course. Happy mylotting
• India
29 Aug 09
So you are also a reiki healer. I also heal myself which really works more than the medicines but for chronic ailments i consult the doctor for proper medication. Thanks for your response.