Is it magic? Coincidence?...

August 28, 2009 12:48pm CST
the power of the mind? the power of positive thinking? I had a problem yesterday, one to which I could not figure out a solution, so do you know what I did? I cast a spell, don't laugh too hard, but I wrote the spell down on a clean piece of paper, said it aloud, then burnt it. Within half an hour someone that didn't know I had a problem text me with the solution! how weird is that? Now was it magic? Do you believe in magic? Was it the power of positive thinking? Or was it just a big old co inky dink? What made you choose the answer you did?
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• Philippines
29 Aug 09
Tell you what, there are two criteria for knowing if something is caused by another: (1) the one that caused it happened before the effect, and (2) every time you do it it has the same effect. Your magic experiment fulfilled the first criteria this time but how can we be so sure that it will happen every time you do it? Positive thinking has its uses; thinking this way can motivate a person to act and to see the word in a more positive manner. In this small way it *might* be called magic, but word is still out on whether it's as potent in the occult.
29 Aug 09
Ahh, i see what you mean, I would have to try again, with something different to see the results.