@preciouz (135)
August 28, 2009 12:51pm CST
Ok so i might be considered wierd or one of those flower power hippie child out to fight the man and the corrupt system or could be just my writer's mind whirling lol but i am physically unable to work so i have lots of down time to think and here are some of the thoughts... when we have an animal that is suffering it's inhumane to make them con't to suffer if there is not a cure for them it's best to put them to sleep as they say. But yet we have cancer patients that cry out everyday for a release cause they are too far gone and treatments are a waste of time, yet even if they ask for assistance in dying a nurse or doctor could be charged for murder. Where do we as a soceity have the right to say when or how a person should die? I am sure i will get tons of hateful responses to this, those will be ingored. I am not morbid or deranged whatever it may seem, i just think too much. so what is your honest opinion? Have we as a soceity honestly got a person's best interest at heart by keeping them alive despite their suffering or are we morbid for doing so and just hungry for power over something anything?
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30 Aug 09
Hi, preciouz! I believe a person should be able to decide what the breaking point is. I don't want any heroic measures to be taken for me, but my husband believes we should hang on as long as possible, no matter what it takes. I want it all to end before I've had to suffer unnecessarily. He doesn't. We plan to respect each other's wishes, although we both find thinking of that difficult.
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@Chispa514 (871)
• Montreal, Quebec
28 Aug 09
You touched a nerve (not in a bad way tho) on this one. I whole-heartedly agree with you on this one ! Its okay to put an animal down if its suffering, but yet its illegal to do that to humans. That's not right ! Especially if that person WANTS to be "put down" so they won't suffer anymore. If you only knew how many times my aunt begged for the doctors to give her something to help her die quicker when she was fighting her colon cancer and was told that the treatments were no longer working and was taken off her treatments. I do think however that if someone were to help someone die without the sick person's consent, then yes, by all means, lock em up & throw away the key, BUT if someone ASKS to be helped to pass on, and medical tests have proved that treatments no longer help, then they should NOT be held responsible for helping out. Last time I cchecked, our lives were OURS, and if WE want to die,instead of laying in bed suffering, thn WE should be allowed to ask for help to achieve that WITHOUT the person getting in trouble with the law. Had my aunt been granted her wish to be "put down", she would have only suffered as long as the medicine coursed through her blood, instead of the MONTHS of pain and agony she suffered after she was taken off her treatments and there was no painkillers available to her ! Good post girl !