Just answer my Question??????/

August 28, 2009 11:37pm CST
What is your greatest need....is money......is work.......is god....are relations...or other than that...just wait for your response..
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@bird123 (10526)
• United States
29 Aug 09
My greatest need is for KNOWLEDGE for it can solve all problems!!!
• China
29 Aug 09
well, I guess they are all what I needed in my entire life, yet, if you wanna me chose the greatest need, I would like to say that depends on the periouds that you are facing. For different life periouds, you have different need, money might be your greatest need when you really need it; while work can be your first urgent need when you are graduated from school or college; when you lose your faith or depressed about your life you really need god bless you; you need relationship when you are alone and feel longly, and so on----
@preethaanju (3000)
• India
29 Aug 09
As of now, money is my greatest need.. Though i need money badly, i am not going to sacrifice my priciples and earn unethically. When there is money, do we need to work? relatives will obviously come and of course Gods grace must be there to make money
@marguicha (106013)
• Chile
29 Aug 09
I want a companion. A sort of boyfriend but not living at my home. Someone to go to the movies with, a person I can trust. Someone to go traveling with. A person who likes to read the books I read. On second thought, I´m asking fot two much
@krupesh (2608)
• India
29 Aug 09
All the above which you have mentioned.Money takes care of your comforts.Work takes care of your money.Relations take care of your health.GOD takes cares of all these.So I need all the above which you have mentioned to be happy & lead a good , decent life.