Best PTC to rent referrals?????

Renting Referrals - Best site to rent referrals?
August 29, 2009 1:22pm CST
Hi, If I want to rent referrals which site is the best in Neobux,, palmbux and buxwiz??? I rented referrals in neobux but did not earn much from that site. I get the same amount or even less on what I have invested in renting referrals. Have anyone tried investing in buxwiz, or palmbux... What are your suggestions on this ?
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• India
30 Aug 09
Hi, I have rented referrals in Buzwiz and all of them are active and going to reach my 2nd payout. We need to set time in Buxwiz and at that particular time we need to check daily for referrals and when referrals are released to rent we need to pick them up at the time mentioned.. Cheers...
• India
30 Aug 09
Hi, How to set the time ? is it in the Personal setting - rental hour1 and rental hour 2? and every time we should pick up rentals at that time?
• India
30 Aug 09
Yes... rental hour 1 and 2.. We need to rent only at that hour. Even in Neo if you become Golden member they too have the same system...
@John4Christ (1598)
• India
29 Aug 09
I never rent referrals in any site, as I feel that it is equal to gambling.....if the rented referral assigned to you is not active enough you wont get fruitful returns for your what I suggest is there are many sites out there in which you can easily earn $6-$7 in just 3-4 weeks I have already made 3 payouts from that site and i am awaiting the 4th......the best part is you don't require any kind of investment, no need to rent anything......everything is absolutely free......if you want to try you can check the third banner in my profile......I am sure you will benefit from it !!!!! Greetings !!!!
• Pakistan
18 Feb 11
i think vynbux and Xincbux are better to invest. and now i am deciding to invest in Matrix-bux. i heard that its also a good site to rent referrals. ;)
@stephcjh (32328)
• United States
31 Aug 09
I am not joined with any of those sites so I am not sure which one is the best. I wanted to join Neobux but the site never loads for me to do so. I heard it is a very good place to rent referrals though.
@srikandi19 (3393)
• Kuta, Indonesia
30 Aug 09
Actually, I rent a lot of referrals on Neobux. Till now, I didn't get profit from them, cause the rent referrals AVG just 0,7 a day. I don't know how to increase my AVG, I was tried several way but not work. I feel sad about this and lose my money. So, my suggestion is Try to learning or find tips to get profits before rent referral in any earning site.