Do You Prefer to Booking Hotel by Online?

@dik_an (475)
August 29, 2009 5:01pm CST
Hello everyone! I want to share something with you. A couple days ago, I booked a hotels by online. I got a nice website and this web help me to book my favorite hotel. I can search the place that I want, the transportation to go there, and pay the hotel's bill. I became excited :D For me, I prefer to book by online especially if I do not have a time to search by my self. Yes, now my life is much much depend on the net, thanks to the scientist that make my life (and your life) easier. How about you? Do you prefer to booking hotel for your accomodation on your holiday by online?
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30 Aug 09
Yes, online bookings are much more convenient and they also offer a lot of discounts compared to manual bookings at the hotel. This gives you an opportunity to compare prices and see the hotel pics online before making up your mind. Having said that there are many hotels in some of the remotely beautiful places in many countries which might not have a website yet. But the way internet is expanding, I guess sooner or later they will under its cover. Happy booking !!!
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
30 Aug 09
It is depend on the country that I am going for a holiday. If I have a friend there, then I will ask my friend to help me book for the hotel.Or else if really don't have any friend/relative there,I will search for the hotel info and book online. Sometimes I will have an unsafe feeling doing booking online especially for hotel.Since the technology is so high-tech nowadays,everybody has a computer and surfing net too,I do hope the website for hotel booking is not a scam.
@killer04 (282)
• Australia
30 Aug 09
If I could choose, I would prefer booking Hotels online as it will be faster and hassle free. You will have the possibility to book the ticket at any times and receive information immediately.
@vingyan06 (2489)
• Malaysia
30 Aug 09
Hello Dik_an, I never try booking hotel online. But I came across Agoda website before. I know it is a good website, get to know many hotels from there and the rates that offers also cheaper. Before I go for a tour, I will survey online website to check what hotels is good and the location of the hotel. Once I get what I want to know, then I will try make the booking from local travel agent.
@maezee (33940)
• United States
30 Aug 09
Yes! I definitely love it way more than calling or doing it in person (or however else you book hotels). I usually go to or and book it over those sites. It's super easy, and also super nice, because you can actually compare hotels before booking them on the same exact site. My only complaint about booking online is that you usually have to pay upfront with a credit card - and I don't OWN a credit card (and they usually don't accept check cards, which is hassle-ous for me because my primary money source is my checking account) - and if you want to split the room cost with a friend or relative, you have to figure it out on your own.
• Philippines
30 Aug 09
Yes I prefer to book hotels and flights online via I have not try that website you have mentioned but I will try to check it out. I like booking online as they give more discounts and other privileges especially if you book in advance like 2-3 months before of your traveling date. My sister used to work in the reservations department of an international hotel and she has explained to me why such hotel deals over the internet are much cheaper online. Its really good that we have internet at these times, I am fortunate to live in the modern times where technology has evolved to make our lives more easier and convenient. We can also get a lot of traveling informations through the internet, we don't really need the travel agencies or travel books. We can get those informatiosn for free and accurate while some travel agencies gives us a rip-off price.
• China
29 Aug 09
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