Have You Ever Bitten Your Lip Or Jaw While Eating? OUCH!

United States
@Cherryd41 (1124)
August 30, 2009 1:41pm CST
Have you ever bitten the inside of our lip while chewing?I have done that several times . A few times I have bitten my lip and drew blood it swelled up and I bit it again in the same spot because it was swollen already. Ouch. I hate when I do that I guess we never really pay attention to how close your teeth actually are to your lip and jaw while chewing until we bite into it. Its that kind of feeling that makes you stops you dead in your tracks while the pain just surges through your lip. You wait till its gone and then check for damages. lol Usually if I am eating food (which usually contains some type of salt all food usually does) the sting is very annoying sometimes I have just stopped eating because its so irritating.