do you believe the hype about the swine flu why only appears in schools?

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September 1, 2009 8:14pm CST
it's funny that all cases of swine flu only show up in schools does it want a education? what about the parents of these so called swine flu victims no one took it back to they work place? none of the parents got sick? it's b.s most doctors say the vaccine is worst than the swine flu what u think are u and your kid getting the vaccine? do you know someone that know someone that had it? cause this season everything will be called swine flu even the regular influenza how would we know?
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• United States
3 Sep 09
Ghunz, Did you not notice that world leaders who spent time in conference have had H1N1? Schools are crowded, for the most part, and parents are reluctant to keep their children at home unless they're really desperately ill. Therefore, spreading a virus in a school is fairly easy. Bur it's just about everywhere, attacking people of all ages.
• United States
4 Sep 09
show me where world leaders have h1n1 the only one i know supposed to got it was the president of columbia, this virus isn't no mre deadly than the regular flu it's just a new strain that people bodies haven't had thats the only reason why more people would get it. instead of a vaccine why don't they tell the public that flu hit more people in the winter cause the daylight hours are shorter and the sun helps the body produce vitamin d which aides the immune system all people have to d to protect themselves is take vitamin d in the winter to compansate for the fact they body ain't producing enough in the winter.