The Importance of Drinking the Right Water

September 2, 2009 4:56am CST
These days we have all kinds of water for consumption. Gone are the days when we drink clear,clean water from the taps. With non-stop development projects destroying water basins and polluting water source ,many of us are buying water filers and filtration systems. The most important thing about water is that we must drink water with a sufficient amount of trace metals and salts in it. These days, water filtration systems remove all trace materials. As such we have the "empty" water syndrome. Chlorinated water, even though it kills microbes, becomes carcinogenic when you boiled it. It is very import to ensure the water particles in processed water is sufficiently the right size to enter our cells, irrigate and feed it. If it is too big, then the cells will be starved of water and cannot thus function. You will then become sick. Always read the brochures of water filtration systems to ensure that the water is good for our cells. If not, do not buy the, What kind of water filtration system are you using? Are you happy with it?
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• United States
2 Sep 09
I actually just drink the water straight from the tap. Nowadays filtered water or bottled water has a higher chance of being worse than tap water and tap water is shown to be completely fine as long as you let the water run for about 30-60 seconds before using it. Now the only time I wouldn't drink tap water is if there is a warning in my county and so far I've never had to deal with it.
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• India
2 Sep 09
I'm happy with my water filtration system.But i want to thank you for bringing out these useful facts about filtered water which i was unaware.