As creative as I am, creative writing isn't one of them.

@yparson (582)
United States
September 2, 2009 7:26pm CST
I love coming up with creative ideas, inventions and making crafts. I can even make up games to play, but when it comes to writing something like a story or an essay- I get writer block. Just trying to write up a discussion on mylot I'll get stuck. It's just not one of my gifts but I keep at it just the same.
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@DCLehnsherr (1042)
3 Sep 09
Hi yparson, I know how you feel I have a very creative mind, but it doesn't like to put the ideas down on paper/computer screen. I have started many times to try and write stories from those ideas, but the constant editing of what I write in order to counter the fact my laptop skips letters and whole words, means that I spend so much time backtracking that by the time I move to continue the story my mind is at the end and refuses to bother repeating itself. I can usually do okay on mylot as I feel inspired here, but I am held back now by the fact I want to add pictures to my discussions, but I don't like to draw all that often unless in a certain mood. I guess that is my main problem. I have no end of creative ideas, I just lack the will to really sit down and try and do anything with them lol Oh well, it does mean I value any completely creative works much more highly than I would otherwise do if nothing else lol All the best, Dranz
@dld999 (118)
• United States
3 Sep 09
Writing is fun and it looks like you've managed to do over 300 discussions on mylot so you DO have some writing ability. If you really think that you want to write more but freeze up when you try to type or put pen to paper, perhaps you can try other ways of getting there. Do you enjoy talking and telling stories? Create your ideas verbally, either talking with a friend or talking into a recorder and transfering on to paper later. Or if you are good at making up games, either build a story around a game that you made up OR try to devise a game that you could put some characters through in a story. For example, a group of friends go on car rally or a treasure hunt where they have to solve clues in order to get to the next checkpoint. Or do the same with crafts that you've made. Try to make up a story about how you made the craft or what the person who gets your craft will do with it. Like maybe you built a bird house that someone bought and while trying to hang it in their yard a werewolf jumped out of the tree and they had to throw the bird house at the werewolf to escape. I know - kinda silly but sometimes that's what it takes. Good luck