What is wrong with making money?

United States
September 3, 2009 11:04am CST
Without searching for them I have found reviews of a restaurant and a beverage that both complained because something was done to promote capitalism, make more money. The first was a review of Olive Garden because they started to more predominantly feature wines. They have wine glasses as well as water glasses at the table when you come in. They will bring a carafe of wine that you serve yourself and pay for by the glass. When you walk in you are right in front of the bar with a display of the various wines they offer. The second was V8 juice, which the person liked and gave a generally favorable review of. The comments I talk of were about V8 splash and how that was just a way to take advantage of it's popularity with another product. Why is it selling out or scamming or evil to want to make money. Why do people complain if someone comes up with something new or tries to 'push' something beyond the norm. "Would you like fries with that burger and drink?" They are in business to make money. They want to make a profit, and will offer up items that are easy for them to make or serve, and that will make them a nice profit. Grocery stores will offer items at a low profit price, hoping that you buy other items that make them more money. Other stores will have sales, hoping that even if you buy just the sale items, you remember the store and come back later to buy the larger mark-up items. It is carpe diem, buyer beware. You are responsible for your actions. If I want to buy the wine at Olive Garden, or drink the V8 splash, it is my choice. I don't feel I am being scammed because I know it is up to ME to make the decision. It is up to ME to be responsible. I have no one to blame but myself. America was built on capitalism and profits.
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