I Love 'Ol Blighty

England Fur-Ever! - Kipper the dog, a true English patriot,on his skateboard!
United States
September 5, 2009 12:46am CST
I spend an awful lot of my life comparing England with where I live now in Massachusetts - I married an American and have been here 5 years, and naturally I have conversations a lot about my accent, differences, food, whether I'm Austrailian....which is fine, move to a different country, thats part of the fun. But sometimes I would really like to run around shouting YES, I DO LIKE ENGLAND BETTER! Because its true.Its my home, though I may never be able to live there again:( I love a lot of things and people in my American life. But I would like a break sometimes, to be able to talk about English things without having to qualify it with a 'but of course I like it here too', and without getting into one of those hideous political debates where we talk about politicians and ignore the whole of everything else that makes both countries what they are. Does anyone remember art? Music? Literature? Good food? So, gather, friends, and share with me - what do you love about England? What are your favorite foods, tv programs, places etc in England?Cheer me up and send me some positive thoughts about my home country, to remember when I need to here....!
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@magickat (382)
5 Sep 09
I love the English countryside, I think it is beautifulo, especially on a summers day. The woodlands in particular can be stunning - think of the carpets of bluebells in the spring, or the changing colour of leaves in the Autumn, which is just starting now. I think English food is best in the winter, lovely stews and roast dinners, sausage and mash and anytime of year good old fish and chips (which I had today!). English humour is great too, QI is one of my favourite shows and we are very good at satire - things like Have I Got News for You. Don't get too homesick!