need a weight loss plan. any suggestions?

@mikeysmom (2092)
United States
September 6, 2009 5:33am CST
i am looking for people who have been successful in losing more than 50 lbs and knowing how they did it. i need something that is easy to follow and allows substitutions for when i do not have money for "exact" foods. i have been following a high protein low carb plan that allows two fruits but not within 3 hours of bedtime and two whole grain carb servings per day along with vegetables and one dairy serving but it seems like the weight just won't budge. it has taken me almost 4 weeks just to lose 6 lbs,. with the amount of weight i need to lose i need to see a more steady loss. i do walk about 4 days per week 25 minutes per walk and i do some stomach crunches and light weights and leg raises several times per week. i just need good solid ideas that really worked for you.
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@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
6 Sep 09
Well just eat normally , exercise regularly and eat healthy yea . One way is to drink Chiense tea after meals .
@Trace86 (5033)
• United States
21 Sep 09
What kind of Chinese tea?
@bunnybon7 (37461)
• Holiday, Florida
23 Dec 09
well im sure you've lost lots more by now. you dont want to lose it the way i did. i got really really sick and if that happens you really need extra weight to tide you over till you get well. my daughter did all the things you do plus she ate absolutely nothing after 7 pm at evening. and she lost a lot.