Is Geico really THAT cheap?!?

@sedel1027 (17855)
United States
September 8, 2009 11:01am CST
We are back to cutting cost especially after our current insurance company just told us that they forgot to add my husband back on as an active driver & our policy is going up at least until the policy renews end of October. We had Geico for years. Then my husband got his car and the price they quoted us was about the same as everyone elses, maybe +/- $15, not worth changing insurance companies over. Then we moved about 45 minutes away and the rate jumped a crazy amount, so we switched to USAA - which we love especially because they offered renters insurance in our area. We were paying less for USAA with 2 cars + renters insurance than we paid for 1 car through Geico. When I got my new car back in February, I checked around for pricing and USAA beat out everyone else. When we moved to California a few months ago, I didn't really cross check the prices because our insurance cost went down again. With this impending change with USAA, I decided to get a quote from Geico - on both cars with the same coverage - is charging HALF of what USAA is charging us for a 6 month policy. What do you guys think? Too good to be true?
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@musicman6 (2369)
• United States
10 Sep 09
This could be true, because at one time Geico was just as high as everyone else, and then last year, I checked with them again, and they had the lowest price of anyone, and so I changed over to Geico!