September 9, 2009 12:40am CST
I feels some vertigo after work. I cannot see something well because when i look the door it looks like too many doors that look in my eye. what the first aid i can do if i had some vertigo ?
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@rsa101 (15541)
• Quezon City, Philippines
9 Sep 09
Oh that is really bad if that is caused by vertigo. For me there are other suspected problems that may arise from you. I think it could be problem in the eye or some other minor problems that could arrive from you. I think you need to consult a doctor to properly diagnose you of what is the real problem you have in there. if that is indeed a vertigo then I guess you'll have to contend with it the rest of your life since there is no known cure for that as of now. I am not sure if there are any first aid that you can do but to rest and wait until the dizziness has come out already.
@webearn99 (1744)
• India
9 Sep 09
Whatever you do please do not ignore this. Assuming you drive home after work, or even walking down a street can be dangerous. Please consult a Doctor and take medication. As for the condition it may have been triggered by work related tensions or simply the strain you are under. If your work involves many hours in front of a computer, there can be a posture problem. Both can be corrected by proper adjustment in attitude and posture correction. Please take care.
@cbakin20 (151)
• United States
9 Sep 09
I'd say there are really two things to do. 1) Get an eye doctor to look at it. It is likely a problem with the ability of one of your eyes to focus. 2) Make sure that you are getting enough rest and that your glasses are working properly. Seeing double can sometimes be a side-effect of being incredibly tired