Did this book helped you to attract money in your life?

September 9, 2009 2:48am CST
I got this book long time aga when it came out just as a gift from my husband for valentine. But somehow it stayed there fo year..yea i feel shame i never had time to read it...but then when i started to read it i went into it and i heard theres movie also so i imagined that i really really wish to see that movie. It hapend to be on tv next day lol that was scary..then i wished i coud have cd of that movie and 2 days later my husband bought me that cd without telling me lol more wierd.. afther watching cd i started to emagine about checks like in the movie.. make pank account statement bigger and now Really money coming in. I found places to make money online, even normal checks start to come.:D hehe bank sending me money back and next child support moneys amount allmoust kicked me from chair because its triple lol i guess i have been good mommy:) You know money start to come when you can least expect it:) Everyone shoud try it it helped my life i hope it helps yours! ps!sry for spelling errors..
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• United States
10 Oct 09
I just recently rented the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know". After I watched it I was wanting to watch the Secret so I looked it up. Now I have been "testing" little things here and there. AND IT WORKS. I am still trying to train my brain to forget the old way of thinking(still having trouble controling negative thoughts) But for one example of my experience.Last Sunday, I had forgot to buy a paper on my into work, so I went to books-a-million afterwards, again completely forget that I went in there for a paper(easily distracted when it comes to books) so I told my daughter we would try the gas station down the road from our house. Well, the only problem with that was it was now like 5 in the afternoon and the very seldom have any of the Sunday newspapers left. I simply thought to myself"No they will have one for you." I saw myself picking up the paper and paying for it. Well, believe it or not when my daughter and I walked into the gas station. There was exactly ONE newspaper left. Baffled I ask the cashier, did they happen to carry any extra newspaper in the back. She tells me no, that that is the last one. I was so over come with thankfulness. That woman probably thought I was crazy to get completely excited for getting the very last paper. But, I really was grateful for it. It made my day. I think everyone should at least watch the movie and try it out. Start with something small. I hope to learn all I can about the Law of Attraction.
• Finland
15 Oct 09
Ty for your respond, im glad that worked for you. Me also im haveing trouble to consentrate to not to think negative thoughts time to time. Well like they say it in the book we cant monitore all what we think or how we think. Every time when negative things come to my mind i quikly think about something else.My child or something im sucsessful at or something i have done good what made me smile or what made others happy what i did. So atleast i try..And i have dreams ofcource and i consentrate on those:)
• Philippines
2 Aug 11
of course! this book has attracted a lot of money into my life and into my entire family's life. from being broke before, now i'm a millionaire. And it pushes me to dream even bigger..
@olgiana (242)
• Mexico
6 Nov 10
well it has taught me that i do not need to have money to obtain whatever i need. it has taught me to focus on WHAT i want no matter if I have or not the money. it helped me to get full scholarships twice, 2 different bursaries and some money as well. but i am still learning ;)
@crisanto (22)
• Philippines
6 Apr 10
I believe that the secret is amazing it really change me into something new. I feel and realize after watching it that negativity is really a big factor that affect our lives and positive outlook is what we need to be more successful in what we do in life. The secret gives new light to everyone that reads or watch it and gives you another chance to achieve your goals in life.
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
27 Feb 10
i don't believe that if you think something good it will happen or vice versa. whatever are in the cards of faith is what you will get. now, i do believe that you can influence things, but that takes WORK of human hands, not thought. if wanted an elephant to crush one of my enemies, i don't think it would just happen. i could dream of finding a million dollars tomorrow, i don't think i will happen just by thought. i heard of the secrete and i sorry...but it's all hog wash. the big secret is something that everyone already knows. if you think negative, you won't do the things you need to do to get where you want to get. it's not about visualization cause if it were, we would ALL be rich. great post and good food for thought.
@rsa101 (16235)
• Quezon City, Philippines
17 Dec 09
Wow it seems like its working for you well enough that you have little effort about getting it. I am also trying to but I guess there is still something in me that I need to change to be able to fully utilize what it is about. Sometimes we need to really see deep into ourselves that we need to change before the universe will work in our favor.
• United States
28 Nov 09
I've read the book and watched the dvd and I do believe that money has come to me because of the LOA. Its hard for me to rid myself of negative thoughts, but what I try to do, especially before I go to sleep, is to tell myself that I have everything that I need right now, or I picture myself as having the thing that I want.
• United States
15 Nov 09
Awesome, Congratulation!!!! I personally love LOA!