Rat bite my Snake

September 9, 2009 12:03pm CST
i own two snake before. one of it is those asian green snake that can found any where. but all of them telling that snake eat lizard. but when i ask them where i can buy them, many of them answer mostly people don't sell lizard. then? they said mostly their owner will catch them for their snake...that sound weird...but frankly, my house are clean enough to get lizard crawling around. so then i try to buy rat for him. in the end the rat i bought, bite my snake till saw the bone... but... does snake eat rat?
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@GS0093 (50)
• China
11 Oct 09
i don't know what is the asian green snake? is that Green vine snake? some rat really may bite snake,sometimes they even can eat your snake.these snakes are fed by human and don't know how to deal with rat.I had saw a pic of a ball python was kill by a rat it is terrible.
• Malaysia
11 Oct 09
Wow! cool! you saw that too?! Yeah, after the case i actually got search bout it... like, why my snake got bitten, or how to cure it...and then while that i saw a article that is talk about the python who got bitten by the rat too... the skin were terrible get bitten by the rat... and i actually should see that before i push my snake to heaven... well, at least i learn something from this case actually... next time, No More Rat's for Snake... ha,ha...
• Romania
6 Dec 09
wow interesting i have never herad such a thing. maiby the snake it wasa't hungry and let the rat alone