How to reduce tummy weight?

September 10, 2009 5:50am CST
Want to know how to reduce tummy weight without any sergary? Thank you
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@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
11 Sep 09
it seems any extra food that is turned into body fat is mostly sent to the tummy. When we do not eat sugar-rich foods like sweets and carbs and ("red") fatty foods, the body has no choice but "burn" tummy fat for energy. 1. burning will happen fast if we are physically active 2. drinking lots of water helps. 3. eating fruits, vegetables and protein rich foods will allow us to skip carbs and sweets and fatty foods. 4. remember, when on a low sugar diet, do not expect to have high energy. Do only simple tasks and take your time. That seems to explain people who work hard get hungry and should avoid carbs and sweets and fats. Trouble woth fastfoods is these usually violate all the guidelines for reducing tummy fat. Fastfood is usually fried in saturated fat, lots of carbs and red meat ... :) Cheers
• Malaysia
6 Jan 12
Dear Ruperto I must say that it is quite difficult to reduce tummy weight! Why? Because even when you exercise, the fat around your body may disappear but the muscles surrounding your waist become heavier. Muscles weight more than fat! If you need more info on this areas please follow this thread. I will explain more. Love: Bro. Joe. GBU PS I am in the midst of finishing my 2nd book called '36 Strategies and Tactic to Lose Weight Permanently'.
• Malaysia
25 Jan 12
Dear Ava what you are talking is 'spot reduction'. Sad to say that there is no proven and workable method to do so. In reality, you can only convert the fat in the tummy to be smaller in size. Instead the tummy weighs more as fat is lighter than muscles in that part of the body. Your waist will be smaller but certainly there weight is same or more. Strength training will do the job in converting fats into muscles. Does that help so far? If you need more info please contact me. Thanks! Bro. Joe. GBU