46 friends - and all alone in the MyLot universe

September 10, 2009 7:55am CST
I cannot believe this. I know that the time difference means I'm rarely online at the same moment most of my MyLot friends are, but the "friends started" list has not moved for eight hours. The same topic is still at the top of the list with me as the most recent contributor. And since most of my list are prolific posters, I can't help feeling that I've been abandoned. Sob. Come back, come back, all is forgiven. Lash
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@mysdianait (64213)
• Italy
10 Sep 09
Maybe your friends sleepa bit longer than you? Maybe you should try adding a few more as some of those 46 might have become inactive? Maybe you should.... go to differnt tabs where you might find other discussions worthy of your presence?
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• Australia
10 Sep 09
I live on the opposite side of ther world to most of them, so the sleeping bit is probably not all that relevant. Besides, I am always on at this time, and there is usually plenty of action. As for the friends, I pruned my list this week and removed all the inactive ones. As for other tabs, I have been trolling around fruitlessly for hours: the reason why only those 46 are my friends is that they come up with interesting, thoughtful, and/or humorous posts, unlike the mostly inane and pointless bits of trivia I find elsewhere. Lash
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
10 Sep 09
I'm smack bang in the middle time zone wise, so I'm not compatible with you OR our American friends when it comes to activity here. AS for the "Friends started" list, mine doesn't change anywhere near as much as it used to, so they've played around with the back end processes here for sure. I used to be able to keep refreshing the page and the list would change constantly. Not any more! Or maybe I too have been abandoned??? Shall we start a club?
@doulaworks (1079)
• United States
11 Sep 09
Never alone, just taking time to ponder the deeper meaning of mylot.... oops I mean life. one can never truly be alone when there are so many people dancing in our minds, at least I have internal dialouge that keeps me company. Be Well, my friend!
@seared (247)
• China
10 Sep 09
I have the same problemes