Why is Philosphy and Theology not more popular?

@Quiplet (255)
United States
September 10, 2009 7:25pm CST
I find these two subjects fascinating and I am curious why more people do no participate here? Reading through ancient history, there is seldom a time when philosophic ideas were not pondered by leaders. Maybe most people find these boring? Would they rather be thinking about reality TV shows? I would love to see more people participate here. Tell your MyLot friends to add this discussion. :)
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@Juli_angel (1063)
• Israel
11 Sep 09
I'm guessing it's because philosophy is a subject to the mind. not a lot of people work with their mind enough to understand, if not to argue philosophy. personally, I find the subject quite fascinating, and enjoy reading books and articles about it.
@Quiplet (255)
• United States
11 Sep 09
Maybe if the world's population concentrated more with thoughts of philosophy and theology (not religion) we could all better understand one another.
• India
24 Sep 09
I think many people want to satisfy their 'lower' instinct than go to a 'higher' level. Philosophy and Theology are academic disciplines that speak to the mind, whereas reality show is something that satisfies your heart. Well, both are needed in life, but people don't just go for what is good all the time. People, I would say, prefer what feels good.