If you were offered

@Seppy1984 (2148)
United States
September 11, 2009 1:27am CST
1 Million dollars to accomplish your fear would you do it? If you did take the challenge what would your fear be that you would want to accomplish? Why would you want to accomplish it? Also after you fulfilled the challenge what would you plan to do with the money? For me the answer for the first part is would be yes. My fear would be to go on something that is over 50 feet high or higher to accomplish my fear of heights. The reason for me wanting to accomplish this fear would be so that I would be able to go on the big rides with out the fear. As for the money I would use 10% of it for 2 charities, those charities are the cancer research association and the saint Jude or a hospital that deals with research to help children. Then I would buy myself and my family a house and some cloths. Then from what I have left I want to rent a Jet and travel the world to help the hunger and homeless with the rest of the money after I buy my mom and dad a house that would have no mortgage. There is all my answers, so it will be very interesting to hear what you all would do. So I will get up in the morning and look forward to all of your responses. Happy Mylotting
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@rusty2rusty (6767)
• Defiance, Ohio
11 Sep 09
The answer is no, I would not accept the milliomn dollars. I have a fear of heights and falling. My fear is so bad they send me in to panic attacks at times. I think I would have a heart ttack or stroke out before I would be able to accomplish my fear of heights.
@Seppy1984 (2148)
• United States
11 Sep 09
Well, that is a good answer. If my fear was just as bad as your's I too would not accept the challenge. It was great to hear what you had to say.