People Cheating from Yahoo ....SO be alert

@Rakshas (223)
September 12, 2009 1:40am CST
Friends I have started this discussion to let you know that in yahoo or in other site people are scamming with us like they are giving free lotteries or many things.Have u ever got this kind of message in yahoo or in other sites?If yes than what did you do? Go through the message You have won $1000000 Verify this email by sending your details as follows: 1)Name 2)Address 3)Age (Etc)
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@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
14 Sep 09
Hey, Yea that is kinda funny, just try and ignore the emails as best as you can. Don't believe them, just ignore them. This has happened so many times with my friends, but none of them actually believed them. Make sure you have a good day, Happy Lotting!!
@taztheone (1726)
• India
12 Sep 09
Its not only in yahoo, but every online there are such frauds are going on. These are commonly known as Nigerian fraud. You know recently a customs official was cheated for $20000 but he till refuse to believe that he was cheated & believes that his money is coming. Happy Lotting
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
12 Sep 09
This is true,many times i have been recieving emails like that...winning lotteries and even using priest from churches/religious sects. Well,it is very clear that those emails were just directly delete and put into scam.
• Malawi
12 Sep 09
So many of them. We have to be watchful because most if not all of them originate from scammers who pose themselves as legitimate representatives of the organizations conducting online lotteries. You should ask why are you winning a lotto when you have not entered one before? It's advisable not to open such message because some of them have hidden attachment which eventually steal your information or install malicious software upon opening your email. You will find most of these messages in the Junk or Spam folder if you are using good anti-spam filters like in outlook express. Never give out your personal information to such scams. You can further read about spy-ware and security on Remember to add the usual http at the beginning.