Do you control yourself not to cry?

September 12, 2009 8:09am CST
When i feel depressing,i constantly want to cry.Once i wanted to mother saw and told me that you as a man should hold yourself not to cry.From then on i always control myself not to cry.Do you control yourself not to cry?
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@bingchen (1126)
• China
19 Oct 09
i often control myself not to cry.although i am girl,i have this right to cry.but i could not cry,because in my mind,i could not believe crying that can deal with something.i don't need somebody care,help,this only hurt my heart,so i often talk to myself i must express very strong and learn to face every difficulty,although this is very crul to myself,but if i could not be crul to myself,i believe i could not have bravy how to live in my i must control myself not to cry.
• Philippines
4 Oct 09
during the first few years of my married life, i tried to hide the pain i was experiencing and tried to control my tears. but those crying days are over. that won't do me any good. i realized i had to show what i feel and shouldn't give people the pleasure of seeing me get hurt and cry.
• China
4 Oct 09
When I am teenage girl I always control my tears.I what to be a grim girl who never cry.But as time went by I know that's harmful to our health if you always control yourself not to cry.So when I feel sad ,when I feel I want to cry ,when something not good to me ,I would fine a place where no one can find me and let my tears come out.As the tears steam down the bad emotion likely to go out of my heart.So I can become breave again and have enough courage to solve the problem in my way.
@naaz1021 (51)
• India
23 Sep 09
when i get hurted by someone or some one says bad about me i feel very sad and depressed and feel to cry....when such situation happens with me i do cry and i just cant control myself not to cry..tears just constantly roll down from my eyes...and sometimes i cry for silly reasons..and i know that is stupid of sisters used to tease me by calling me cry baby....really hated whenever i wanted to cry i cannot stop but hide my tears so that no one can notice that i am crying
@taztheone (1726)
• India
12 Sep 09
Why should you hold yourself from crying. Oh come-on man, Burst out & cry. Try to accept yourself & don't be under the impression that men don't cry. Infact men are more emotional than women & its just that they don't show because of their ability to with stand pressure which later leads to heart problems. There is no embarrassment in boys crying & even I cry when I cannot control. So be yourself & when you cry, I'm sure you will get a lot of sympathy from others because there will be less situation to cry compared to a girl. Happy Lotting
@baileycows (3669)
• United States
12 Sep 09
No not a all. I just cry away because usually within a few minutes I begin to feel better. If I hold it in I will want to cry everytime I turn around. So I just go ahead and get it out.