The cause of the disease

September 12, 2009 2:25pm CST
Hi friend, i want to hear your opinion about whether is the main thing causes someone get sick , i mean sick like stomach ulcers,colds,fever or flu,etc. Maybe you will say that sick caused by decreased of immunity, influence of weather/climate, but if we see to the crazy people, they never get sick as above even they do not eat regularly or eat nutritious food,they sleep on any dirty place,cold and prone to disease but why they never get physical illness, do you have an opinion about this :)
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• Philippines
16 Sep 09
I think the reason why the beggars or the people living in the street is not having much physical illness, it's because they are immune. They are not careful whether the food they're taking is dirty or clean. What is important is not to get hungry for them. And also for some people who's very cautious about cleanliness, I think it's also not good. Because we all have good and bad bacterias, that we must balance. If we have more bad bacteria, then we are prone to illness. And if we have more good bacteria, we are also prone to sickness. So I think we just need to balance it.
@snowy22315 (49064)
• United States
12 Sep 09
I think handwashing has a lot to do with whether or not you get sick. I just think the more frequently you can wash your hands the better off you will be. There are so many germs that if given a chance can make it into your mouth and eyes and it will not be good. Wash your hands whenever possible.