When you were young, what was it that you desperately wanted to learn in life

@hotsummer (10449)
September 13, 2009 2:24am CST
that you think an important knowledge to learn that will give you benefit till your old age. when i was younger i used to focus more on the meaning of life and how life works and how to live life successfully . but i have no idea what life is all about and i tried to read books. though we know we have to study in cools and then marry and then have children and live till old age. but when i see all the disasters and dreams being shattered all around in people's lives i got think if life is worth the living. only few people really get through life till old age with out much suffering and without much damage in life in whatever form. and so i feel that it is more important for me to learn how life works and what law does life work into. and i got back to my christian roots and get to discover the golden rule, do unto others what you want others do unto you. though i know this rule for such a long time actually since i was a little boy but not much importance was given to it. and so i realize that it is really true.
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
13 Sep 09
Hi hotsummer, I too asked the big and deep questions when I was young. I wanted to know the meaning of life, why we were here and where we we going. Although my Christian upbringing helped, it didn't answer all of my question. I have always believed in the golden rule that you quote here and know it to be be the greatest of all teachings. I later discovered that the same teaching in found in all the major religions of the world. If this was followed instead of just given lip service, we'd have no further need for religion and what a wonderful world it would be. Blessings.
• India
13 Sep 09
When I was younger I wanted to be happy doing what I did. I did a lot of reading, a lot of classes from painting to music. Then I studied. I am very well qualified, with two post graduate degrees. I even got married, and have a four year old who is the joy of my life. Even went through the divorce proceedure twice,got it nullified, now I am fighting for the custody of my child. I have this feeling that we will come together again. I've tried everything that I possibly could and in the end I've come to only one conclusion," One has to be practical". And if you are a true Christian or follow whichever religion in its true spirit, you are practical!! Two thumbs up to you!!
@hotsummer (10449)
• Philippines
13 Sep 09
it seems to me that you really lived your dream. that you have children that gives you the greatest joy in life. more dreams to come true for you.