Would you rather end up with a foreigner?

September 14, 2009 5:26am CST
If you have a chance.
4 responses
@cmdr001 (371)
• Portugal
15 Sep 09
I'd have no problem with a foreigner whatsoever, provided that we did shared a common language. Humans are humans, so, why not? Does it really matter where I was born and where the other one was born? I don't believe so.
@seymiss (627)
15 Sep 09
Yeah if iam in love defenitely ive always wanted to end with someone who is not from my country. cheers!
@med889 (5958)
14 Sep 09
When I was in school I wanted to marry a foreigner to go in the other country and to settle up there and then gradually I started understanding that to marry someone is not the only issue but we have to love that person too, and when I fell in love then I understood that better the love one is in the same country as mine.
• China
14 Sep 09
i think we always have the chance to decide if we wanna a foreigner or a native one,but it depends on many things that may limit our choice,if every limit can be throw away,i 'd rather marry a foreigner,thus we can give birth to a half-breed child and have a lot of fun in our daily life cause we may have a lot of different ideas about the thing such as the culture or food...