Now what do we do?

United States
September 14, 2009 10:13am CST
So I have this brother-in-law who is a dirt bag from the get go. Those who read my posts know some about this those who don't can go back and see my other posts that complain about him. Well now what do we do? We got a phone call from some guy looking form B.I.L. and asking questions, they would not tell me what it was about and when I pushed I was told that we where listed as co-signers on a loan we know nothing about. They where trying to get info to proceed with the loan. I put a stop to that but what do we do now? How many other places have they used our names and how the heck do we find out where, when and with who they have? Oh I am so worried about our credit. They do not have my SS info but I do not know if he was able to get a hold of anything that his parents may still have as this brother lives with them still and they I know have all their military paper work and old pass ports, does any of that have info he could use to steal his brothers identity or use him on these loan applications? Does any one know?
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