If your friends post something you don't like is that the end of the friendship?

@jenysie (106)
United States
September 14, 2009 9:10pm CST
I have recently posted some stuff that may have made others angry and I lost some friends because of it...(on a different site) ... if your friends post something that you don't like, don't agree with, or find offensive is that the end? Do you delete them?
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@sblossom (2170)
15 Sep 09
It depends. I will see what the friend post. If it’s just different idea from my thought I would not mind. Every one can have their own idea about particular thing. If the friend is rude or does something really not tolerant I would think if I need to delete the friend. However every one can make mistake so maybe I will give myself a little more time to decide. Also I think if the member really does some serious mistake the mylot staff will give him/her punishment.
@cbakin20 (151)
• United States
15 Sep 09
I try not to let little things like this bother me. I know my friends aren't exact copies of myself and that they have different views on everything than I do. If I don't agree with them I'll either have a discussion with them about it, or just completely ignore it. I often try to go the second way because it avoids confrontation and helps me keep their friendship. I really look for friends who like me for who I am as a whole, and don't stop liking me just because one think I do bothers them.
@zureev (21)
• Malaysia
15 Sep 09
hurm..is 'friend' term refer to friend in real life or just the friend through the internet?for me if the friend from the internet and post something that not same as the way i'm thinking, there's no need for deleting them.it just an opinion and people will have different opinion for different things. and if the friend from the real life,i will jsut laugh at think'since hen he/she had this type of idea?'...
• Canada
15 Sep 09
Well, friendships are not that fragile. Trusting and forgiving is key in friendships. When there are these problems, you have two choices 1st: Tolerate them, and endure in the friendship (most likely, they mean no harm) 2nd: You're the boss. You don't like your friends, delete them. If they really like you, they will beg you to readd them. :D Try to remain happy (there's many other humans out there :D) Sincerely The Optimistist
• United States
15 Sep 09
I cant see how a post can end a freindship. You can have a conversation about what the post was about and then discuss it. I agree though if the post was about them then that maybe a problem. Everybody does not want their issue discussed all over the Internet.
• India
15 Sep 09
no never.I don't think posting a discussion or posting something with which i Don't agree will not lead to the end of friendship.If it does lead then I don't think its friendship.I have had many arguments with friends but the heat of the argument is only for a day or two and after that we are normal again.. Friendship doesn't mean that both should think alike.We should respect our friends ideas(ofcourse as long as they are non violent) and we cannot criticize them just because we don't like the idea.. Friendship is accepting the negatives of our friend and giving him/her support but not leaving him/her for posting something that makes us angry
• China
15 Sep 09
No, it can not end the friendship between us.
@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
15 Sep 09
Hmmm... I don't see why a post would end a friendship, but if the post is about that friend and you're saying something bad about her or him, then perhaps that would be something that could affect the friendship. But if it's something far from your friendship, and he/she doesn't like the idea, then perhaps that's such a small thing to end a friends - unless the friendship isn't mature yet. I wouldn't delete friends (if they're online friends) neither would I be confronting them, unless they're insulting me whatsoever.