Working at Wal-mart

United States
September 15, 2009 2:31pm CST
Hello everyone, I have been a wal-mart employee for 8 1/2 years and have worked my way into management. I have seen alot of good changes and alot of bad in that amount of time, and I like to think that I have alot of knowledge when it comes to how the store are supposed to run. For the most part I really enjoy my job and care alot for my associates and enjoy the customers that come in the store. I do have the occasional customer that gets under my skin, but everyone does. What I want to know is how many others work for wal-mart and what are your experiences like? Or if your a customer I want to hear about the good and the bad experiences.
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
16 Sep 09
Hello awaha. There is no Wal-mart in my small town, but I have been to one that is located in another big city in my province, Zhejiang. It is in the suburb of Ninbo City. It is a huge Wal-mart, located somewhere out of the city, in a small town. I enjoyed myself there and found that most of the things there are cheap. I have also been to another Wal-mart in Jinhua City, right in the city instead of in the suburb of this city. How I wish to have one in the town where I live and work. I am glad that you enjoy your work there, as can be seen from your description. Enjoy yourself, dear friend.
• China
18 Sep 09
Hello awaha. Thank you so much for the BR. Enjoy your life and work, friend.
• Canada
19 Sep 09
anyone that is able to work and does is OK PEOPLE in my book ...just because some were lucky enough to be born into wealth doesn't make them better people ...the saying an honest days work for an honest days pay = happiness...and go to bed with pride in yourself JOB WELL DONE! Toria
@beenice2 (2336)
• Canada
23 Feb 12
I always found that all those women and men that works at Walmart very patient, and don't mind to be there to serve the public. I would not have the capacity to do that. But I always been plainly satisfy of the help in the store. Thanks to everyone that take the time and the effort to work at Walmart.God bless.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
15 Sep 09
i worked in a big box store for a few years when i got out of highschool and while i really liked it, i found it so boring when the store wasnt busy! i am definitely a people person, so i got along all right. now i work in an office.
@brothertuck (1257)
• United States
15 Sep 09
I'm a customer but know a few workers at Wal-Marts One on-line friend of mine used to work the self scan check-out aisle. As I have been working in the food industry, fast-food, pizza, and so on, I know what it's like dealing with customers. There are always those who look at places like fast-food and Wal-Mart and see the workers there as lesser then them. They would never work at a Wal-Mart. But they have no problem with going there to shop. For the most part, every associate at Wal-Mart was helpful and given the chance would give you a smile and some good advice. I understand it's not like a high end clothes store, or an auto parts store, where you have experts and people who have made that their career. Most work to support a family. As long as they get the respect they deserve as a human being, they give the respect in return. I like Wal-Mart, and like that I can get the great Wal-Mart prices on everything I use around the house. I like the Wal-Mart people and respect them for the job they are doing.