What was the wackiest, cheesiest, most absurd pick-up line you've come across?

@forptc (290)
September 15, 2009 5:43pm CST
My friends and I usually joke around during gatherings just to keep the mood light. There was a time when we've come to a discussion about how to get girls' attention and all of us brought out our phones to share wacky pickup lines we've received through SMS. Though mostly were in Filipino, I just hope they sound just as funny in English. (Now this is where the challenge comes along, translating and keeping the punchline. Uh-oh.) Here are a few examples. Man: Excuse me miss, aren't you getting tired? Woman: Why'd you ask? Man: 'Coz you've always been running in my mind... *** Man: Excuse me miss, do you have sunglasses? Woman: Why'd you ask? Man: Because I'm blinded by the radiance of your beauty... *** Man: You know what miss, you remind me of dentures. Woman: What?!? Man: Because I can't smile without you... *** Man: Hi miss. I bet you're really good at jigsaw puzzles. Woman: Why do you think so? Man: Because you complete me... So, how about you? Did you ever come across a really cheesy pickup line either through the net, SMS, or worse, in real life? Do share and let's all have a really good laugh.
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18 Sep 09
The worst pick up line I've ever gotten was: I know I'm really drunk, but you are so pretty. Uh, thanks. See ya. Had to laugh. Does anybody think these things actually work?
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19 Sep 09
I think the guy actually meant it as a compliment, left-hand compliment, but still one. But that was his pick-up line. I've never known a girl who "fell" for one of the pick-up lines. However, a few girlfriends have found the pick-up line so cheesy that a conversation ensued and that conversation prompted her to give up her number. So, in that respect as an ice-breaker, they might actually work. I don't know.