!!!!After Death!!!! What you believe?

September 16, 2009 8:33am CST
is one of the philosophical arguments more difficult to treat. According to you it is possible that there is an afterlife, a world that embraces all souls? Or do you think our very existence is just pure randomness, a complex molecular order? Why then live? And for what? There is a purpose in our lives that we can achieve or aspire to achieve? I pray to you the word ...
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• United States
22 Sep 09
Hi redanol! As a Christian, I most certainly believe in an afterlife: a heaven and a hell. Our existence is not pure randomness.. I know in my heart that we were created by God in His image and our lives have purpose and meaning. True there are so many questions, questions like: why are there terrible people in the world who do terrible things? If God loves everyone, why would anyone go to hell? I admit I have asked myself these questions and I have no answers. I honestly don't think we're supposed to have all the answers. This is where faith comes in.
• Italy
22 Sep 09
ItalianAngel73 Hi! I too am a Christian, though not very practicing.I believe in God and in the afterlife, because I think this is the best way to be happy. Contrary to those who do not believe in anything and it always feels miserable. To believe in something I think,helps man to live more peacefully. However, nice to meet you. nice name, by any chance do you have Italian origins?