My new neighbors.

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September 16, 2009 10:19pm CST
Hi myLotters! This is more of a B*#$h session than a discussion. About a week ago, I found out that I was going to have new neighbors. The house next to me is in major disrepair and should be torn down. Instead it was bought. The house needs new plumbing, new electric and just about new everything. The water lines are busted. Someone broke into it and stoled the furnace and the hot water heater. It's in terrible shape. Nevertheless, it was bought by three families who don't speak english. This in itself erks me. If you come to our country, you should learn to speak our language. Anyway, they started to work on the house this week. At first I was happy but then, situations and circumstances started to happen. For instance, I came home and my neighbors were cleaning their windows. "Good," I thought. Later that night I kept hearing water running and I had no pressure. I went outside and found my yard flooded. Someone had turned on my hose and left it running. Today, I come home to find them having a beer party in the front of my house. Their vehicles were blocking the road, and one pulled up after we drove into the driveway and had the nerve to block us in. I politely asked them to remove their car from blocking my driveway and was told "No speak Ingles." I want to be a good neighbor. I want to believe that all of this will stop after they finish fixing up the house, but I keep losing my temper. I think they should have consideration for their neighbors too. They seem not to care about anyone elses property. How should I handle this situation? What should I do?
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17 Sep 09
Wow, some people have a lot of nerve! They used your water and hose to wash their windows and house? First, that is rude. Second, it borders on stealing. If they don't mind going into your yard and using your stuff, then what else will they end up "borrowing"? Third, if you have municipal water, then you have to pay for all the water they used without asking. If you have a well, then not only do you have to pay for the electricity that they used letting the pump run all that time but also they run the risk of burning out your pump. So, actually it is stealing. Alright, I think I am getting as angry about this situation as you are! I would try talking to them. If they insist that they don't speak English, then you might need to bring the cops into the equation. That might seem extreme, but it sounds like it could easily escalate into a major situation, so that might be your best bet. It might scare them enough to behave. If it doesn't, then at least your local law enforcement will have a record of the incident, which will help your case if there is trouble in the future.
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18 Sep 09
Thanks so much for seeing my point of view. I know I sound like a raving lunatic, but, you're right, I will be paying for their use of my water. I already called and received that answer. I was told that if I didn't have proof (ie. a picture) that it is my responsibility. What gets me evan more mad is I'm having a hard time because my hrs. were cut at work. I think the no english scenerio is just a ploy to get whoever off their back. I don't care what county someone is from, I'm sure that they know they should have consideration for their fellow man, and neighbor. It just erks me that people come to the USA and don't want to learn our language,follow our rules or think that our laws don't apply to them. They give the impression that they are above the US citizen and, that is wrong. I am going to try to sit back for a month, and document everything before I call the cops. Just on the theory that I am being a pain in the behind. However, if I continue having to guard my house, property and car, the police will be called every day if necessary. Thanks again for listening.
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@hexeduser22 (5853)
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17 Sep 09
I think your neighbor really is a little inconsiderate but give them time to adapt. It's hard to quickly adapt into a new environment/community specially when language barrier exists. If you still find them troublesome after some time you may now ask the help of the local authorities but for now try to be patient and a good neighbor.
@thyst07 (2091)
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17 Sep 09
Well, if their car is blocking your driveway and they won't move it, the only other recourse I can think of is to call the police and/or a towing service. The police department might have someone employed who speaks Spanish, especially if it's a commonly spoken language in your area. Aside from that, though, maybe just give things some time to settle down. Fixing up a house takes a lot of time and work. You're likely to hear some noise for a while, and there's not much to be done about it. It's likely that someone just forgot to turn the hose off because they're busy and tired- I doubt they did it just to irritate you. As for the party, maybe they were just having a party to celebrate their new house. If it becomes a recurring problem, then you might want to involve the authorities, but for now I'd say the best way to be a good neighbor is to give your new neighbors a chance.