Broken Promises

September 17, 2009 11:46am CST
Has anyone broken any big promises to you recently that you want to share your annoyance at? I've had quite a bad week this week and my computer has started to turn itself off due to over-heating (I believe it is a problem with the fan and my brother is coming over the check it today). I remained unworried however, as my new 6th form promised to give me a FREE laptop. This has changed as of today, as serveral people have come back to my school due to hating the local college and we now have to pay £50! As well as this, we can't keep them anymore and they are going to be given to next years year 12. Unbelieveable! Not only that, but the so called 'small classes' they promised have now become large ones, with my once 3 person IT lesson becoming an unlucky 13! This means we get far less attention and have 40 people in a very small mobile classroom for form time and free lessons! It has made me very stressed and I really needed to share my annoyance! However, I do appreciate how more well respected we seem to be compared to the local college that so many are leaving in annoyance. How about you?
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@cmdr001 (371)
• Portugal
17 Sep 09
Happens to me all the time. Even brought me to make a discussion about it. I don't know, people just seem to love to make promises, one after another, time after time... and they just simply decide not to follow through with them for this or another reason. I mean, I can understand that sometimes things are just out of hand... someone suffers an accident or so and things just can't be helped. But it's tremendously annoying when someone breaks a promise just plain and simply because they either forgot their promise, or decided to do other thing, or changed mind concerning something and so on. You're surely not alone on that matter, trust me.
17 Sep 09
I'm very sure that is true. Another thing I have just remembered is that I have a friend that tells me everything .When I mean everything, I mean she tells me everyone I knows secrets that she is supposed to be keeping a secret! Luckily, I'm someone who keeps everything to myself and so I haven't blabbed! I'd never trust her with any of my secrets now though!