?? am i the only one?? i know im am mother but i dont like storms at all! !!

@kali06 (24)
United States
September 17, 2009 9:20pm CST
Like a child is sceard of the dark I (yes I a mother.) am sceard of storms! The rain is ok but the loud sound of thunder the bright lighting is not for me. Is it the mighty force that is behind the lighting? If there is strong lighting then there is roaring thunder. But what comes first? Some say the thunder some say the lighting. I just cant wait for it to be over (lol). Wut do you think? What dont u like? I have seen on tv the some people are afraid of cotton ball, cats, frogs, green jello, and more. I would like to talk about this how about you?
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@kykidd (6819)
• United States
18 Sep 09
I don't like storms at all. And if the power goes out, I am especially scared. Even if there are other people in the house, but maybe they are asleep, then I am still afraid. I just don't like the sounds. But when I am home alone it is even worse. I am not exactly why I am this way. I know a number of people that say that they like rain and storms and the sounds of it. But for me, I have never been able to adjust. Nothing has really happened. I know some people may be afraid of storms because they have had a bad experience. The worst that has happened to me is that a bridge washed out and left my car on the other side once during a flash flood. But it still doesn't explain why I am so afraid to be in a bad storm.
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@marrie1 (256)
• United States
4 Oct 09
Oh no I understand that. i do hate thunder storms. Rain is relaxing but thunder scares the living daylights out of me.
@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
18 Sep 09
hi kali you arent the only one, I just hate thunderstorms'and the lightening. the thunder comes first then the lightening which scares the bejabbers out of me. I came to ca from S.D. and we had'those violent storms every summer and I never got used to them ever.IhAted them then and I still do . not my idea'of a fun way to spend A hot summer day.
• United States
21 Jul 10
i am scared to i am 10 years old and i have been scared since i was 8 when there was a funnel (it never touched down) now im scared to see a CLOUD!!! a white cloud! when it thunders i freak out and have a panic attack!!! i have tried threpy and medicene and it doesnt work!! im going to a new school and im not sure if i can be able to handle the storms!!
@satan88 (586)
• United States Minor Outlying Islands
18 Sep 09
i'm pretty much scared of everything but for some reasons i find storms really cool and comforting. they've never really bothered me. I actually used to like staring out the window in thunder storms and listening to the cool rumbling sounds.
@jenysie (106)
• United States
18 Sep 09
Lightning comes before thunder...the lightning creates the thunder... I am in the same boat right there with ya!! LOL I too am a mother, but am scared of storms...in fact I just a big scaredy-cat!! lol....When it storms I automatically check my mental checklist and prepare for a big one just in case...and then comes what if there's a tornado...will I hear the siren...will I be able to carry both of the kids to the basement...lol...my mind goes nuts.. We have a huge walnut tree outside our home and right now it's dropping walnuts like crazy. The tree happens to be right outside my bedroom window and last night all was completely quiet I was almost asleep when I heard a huge thud...walnut...I jumped...and then cuddled closer to hubby and I realized what it was, but the scared feeling stayed for awhile...lol