Is facebooking is the best way to explore your idea, imagination?

September 18, 2009 12:24am CST
Everyone loves facebook.some people sit in it all day long,keep posting,commenting and wasting their time so as to impress other and to take the facebooking is the best way to explore your idea, imagination? I think no because some of my friends comment over my posting that it was too long too short. friends on facebook are not interested in socializing via net. they all just seeking for the best dating sites and facebook is helping for that.nowadays people being addicted to facebook using it in offline mode. in searching for best discussion site i thought to start blogging but later on i thought i wouldn't get the people of same interest in blogging.I was familiar about the i was entered here to earn money but later on my friend can not make even a $10 in a month,I fed up and left my account too.but now i came here to discuss with you people about my interest as well to improve my own writing skill.I hope you could explore your ideas, suggestions via
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@much2say (37860)
• United States
18 Sep 09
I use Facebook all the time to keep in contact with friends and family . . . but I don't think I use it to explore my ideas and imagination. For me it is "social networking", so in essence anyone can whatever is on their mind and I can respond if I choose to. I explore my ideas and imagination in real life . . . Facebook may sometimes be a place where I can share these things. Facebook isn't a place where I try to meet new people - in fact I rarely add anyone onto my friends list unless I know/knew them in person. Not everyone wants to meet people on Facebook as there are personal things in their profile. I will say myLot is a good place for discussions (but if you're in it for the money, you definitely won't get rich quick!). We sometimes discuss or debate with others on Facebook, but most people tend to keep things brief there. Here, you can write all the details and not worry about sounding like a book. This is probably a better place to explore your ideas because people of different opinions will give you their answers - and not say things just because they are your friends or familk members.
• Nepal
18 Sep 09
then i think i am in right place to explore my ideas and vision what i am waiting for.I am far from my real life because what i know i couldn't explore and what i have to explore i don't know and i am transition phase of exploring and i am in between of real life and imaginary life.anyways i am leaving my addiction of facebook.All i want to improve my writing skill over here.thank you.
@mimiang (3777)
• Philippines
18 Sep 09
It is a good idea to try to practice your writing skills here.Anyway, I do facebook to play games and to update my status.I want my friends to know what is up about me
@Archie0 (4671)
18 Sep 09
Well yes facebook is ofcourse very popular for exploring but what is my opinion for it is i like orkut more than facebook orkut has got more options than facebook and is wide scope than the facebook.
18 Sep 09
I don't use Facebook at all but I am registered as a user to keep tabs on my pre-teen who is so addicted to it. In fact, I don't use social network sites a lot and prefer online forum communities to express my thoughts on certain subjects. Most of the online forum communities I belong to are specific in topics but there are also possibilities to start your own discussions, respond to posted topics and the like.