September 18, 2009 3:42am CST
hello dear frnds i needs a help i'm very slim wht can i do plz tell me something
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@airasheila (5458)
• Philippines
20 Oct 09
Hello. Maybe your body metabolism is very active. Wherein the moment it reaches the state of equilibrium, it will also start to burn the nutrients and spread it out on your body circulation. However, I believe there are some ways to gain weight. Perhaps you might need to drink a milk (full cream milk) twice a day, in the morning during breakfast and in the evening before going to bed. Then eat foods that rich in carbohydrates. Aside from that, you can do some exercise. Doing some exercise might increase your appetite in eating because after you encounter the movement of your muscles, it will start to react and look for some food.
• India
17 Oct 09
Hello my friend kapoorgagan79 Ji, I have brought you some useful information . Please follow following link :- [b]"Being thin is good but being very thin and underweight is not good. You should consult a physician if you are a very very thin person. Lots of medical tests would help in revealing the root cause of the problem. These are some points, which would help in increasing your weight: Eating: The first thing you need to do to increase your weight is to eat well. Eat more than you burn calories. Eating food, which contains more fat is good for people who are thin. Drinking milk, cheese, chicken meat etc are some foods, which contain more fat. Exercise: Most people think that thin people should not exercise, as they could get even thinner. But it is recommended that they exercise so that they feel hungrier and eat more. Taking nutritious food would help the body gain weight. Do not lift heavy weight dumbbells in a gym; instead opt for low weight and do more repetitions. There are lots of weight gain supplements available in the market, but they are not recommended. Instead have a good helping of protein-enriched foods, fruits and products, which contain more fat. Eat lots of protein and fat[/b], as it is very helpful in increasing your weight. So why wait! Start NOW." May God bless You and have a great time.
@amyson (3509)
• Philippines
18 Sep 09
if you are very slim chances might you have very fast you eat very well or you just eat little.are you anorexic?might you need to check to specialist on nutrition.