Acai Berry - Is it another fad or is it really good for you?

September 18, 2009 8:29am CST
I have recently seen acai berries getting a lot of press. I have not tried it yet so I do not know it taste like yet. But alot of reviews I have read are from companies that are selling it - so I am looking for more independent opinion on it. Has anyone benefitred from some of the health claims regarding acai berry, if so what form did you take it in? How long for ? What did it do for you? How long did it take for you to feel the benfits of it? Some of the benefits claims are: Increase metabolism Increase energy and redce fatigue Relieve joint and arthritis pain Boost immune system Fight free radicals and diseases Help prevent cancer and leukemia Imporve mental clarity What are your thoughts on the above?
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19 Sep 09
From what I understand, they are super high in antioxidants and vitamins, which makes them a superfood. I don't believe they can really do too much to help the joints and the scientific community still isn't sure about if antioxidants really help much with free radicals and oxidative damage. In sum, they are good for you, but many people out there are trying to hard to capitalize on it, and the claims should be taken with a grain of salt.
24 Sep 09
Thanks for the advice