Recession proof income!

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
September 18, 2009 11:13am CST
I see this phrase and hear it all over the internet and info-mercials. Touting that MLM is a recession proof income. The reality is that the only recession proof income is that of a politician. Because we are forced to pay their salaries and that money comes out of every financial transaction and paycheck that we make. Every business sells something, that is how they make their money, even if all they are really selling is a placement within their payline, with the recession if your income depends upon getting a share of other people's income then you're in trouble because there are fewer and fewer people working. People are having to scale back their expenses and MLM's that aren't paying extremely well are losing members exponentially so I don't know how they can call it a recession proof income. Nothing is recession proof or bulletproof in terms of income. I wish they would stoop saying that, trying to suck people into spending money they don't have for their pipe dreams. Right now they are trying to suck i8n anybody who has a little bit of money because if they can't do that they no longer have a business. I bet the execs at most of these MLM's are panicking as they see their income is not recession proof and the Ferrarri's and the fancy houses are getting repoed. If there is anyone here on myLot who is raking in money from an MLM from home and has a recession proof income. State it, tell us where the money is coming from and how we can get in on it. I wanna know what you're making and how long it has taken from startup to now to make that. If your making money I may very well shovel the last of my money in behind you. If you like me have never made money with an MLM I want you to chime in too.
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@malamar (784)
• Canada
21 Sep 09
You are absolutely right sharone, when you say that no income is completely "recession-proof/" The only one making big bucks in any MLM venture is the dude sitting at the top of the heap! I am also in agreement that if you are going to spend your time and effort in any venture, then you should also be the one calling the shots and reaping the benefits. Until someone can step up to the plate and prove to me that you can get a return on your investment, I will just leave my money where it is - in the bank!
@CatGods (4596)
• United States
18 Sep 09
MLM, what a joke even in non-recession times. I tried a few of the MLM companies but go no where and they got my money, so I lost out. The problem with MLM companies is that they have restrictions on how and where you can sell the product. Example if I have a great vitamin supplement I can't take it to the GNC store and put it on the shelf. I could sell it to a mom and pop store but that's a small account. What MLM wants you to do is find individual customers and sell it that way. MLM calls it sharing. But who has time to be running around in circles to find one person at a time to be a buyer? And sure you can do shows like in a mall but then you have to have the money to rent the booth and buy massive amounts of product for your display. Another thing about MLM is that they say well you get your own website. So big deal. Every one and his brother have the same website of which you have to find your own traffic for your site. Now the real kicker is that MLM calls it your own business. I say really now is that a fact? I think not. Because if it were my business I would be able to sell the product any way and any where I wanted. I would be in total control. I would be able to say how, when, where, etc. Now being that I don't have total control, that makes me nothing more than a glorified sales person for the MLM company. See if I'm going to have a business, I'm calling the shots.