Life just in black and white? Or is something grey there too?

@icesmile (7172)
September 19, 2009 1:58am CST
Why just "yes" or "not"..."maybe" is not good? MAYBE can be grey in life? “why should I have to choose?” I demand grey!!! this can be a good answer in life? Grey situations in life are wrong? All time you choice black or white? Choice yes or not? Don t like to answer in front of life....MAYBE? I am one who choice in life just clear situation, but if situation is grey i am afraid that all answers who i will receive will start with "maybe"....i hate this word, even i use this word a lot, when i want hide a clear answer...just because i am afraid that i will answer "yes" when somebody else want from me just a "no" or just ...will see... Your life is white or black? you let a place for grey too? let a place for "maybe" too?
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• United States
19 Sep 09
Hi, Ice! In my experience, almost everything in life is quite grey. Absolutes are rare. We all see things from our individual views, so they are not the same for everyone, by any means.