Appropriate attire for a live show taping?

United States
@mommyboo (13267)
September 21, 2009 12:34am CST
I am planning to go with a friend to a show taping of Dancing With the Stars... and I had been asking her about the dress code. Now I always get confused about dress codes because one person's 'elegant and tasteful' may not look at all like another person's 'elegant and tasteful' if you get what I mean. I am not really a dresser, I was never so happy as to stop having to wear suits and dresses when my former employer relaxed the dress code and allowed jeans and tshirts every day. This isn't to say I don't OWN skirts and dresses and they look lovely, I just am very uncomfortable dressed up. I am not a formal person and I don't purposely like attracting attention that being dressed up attracts. I also spend a lot of time with children. Children and dressy clothes don't uh.. mix well. The exception would be black tie, such as what you wear to a wedding, a charity ball, a new year's eve party, or... a hot date . So anyway, some of you know that I bought a little black dress some weeks ago. I wore it out on a hot date recently. My friend suggested I wear it tomorrow. Do you think you'd wear something that formal to a show taping? I looked on youtube to try and gauge what people in the front row were wearing... it was hard to see. I do know that I'll feel good in the dress, but we'll also be two young looking women out in hollywood alone. LOL! What would you wear? Share your perfect outfit with me!