What you prefer branded pc or assembeled pc

@1anurag1 (3580)
September 21, 2009 12:50pm CST
I have the assembled(customized pc) and happy with this as i can change any component with no worry. and it is less costly too. What you prefer branded or assembled.?
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@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
1 Oct 09
Hey, Actually I would prefer a branded PC that is already assembled for me, but then again, I would have to admit that assembling your own PC is far more cheaper than actually buying one already made, I don't know why though. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
23 Sep 09
I prefer to assembeled pc..because..if you bought an assembled pc..then you can..take configuration of your choice..in cheapest prices... and in branded pc..there is a configuration.. before... and you don't included any thing..until it is in warrenty period..
@nuar_y (279)
• Malaysia
23 Sep 09
Absolutely the assembled one. Because I can choose the specs I want, and can customize my PC appearance. Furthermore, its less costly, even though it has no warranty. Hehehe... =P
@earndeep (168)
• India
22 Sep 09
I too have an assembled pc... When I was searching some good computer shops in my city for quotation, but where ever I go the shopkeeper suggests only branded systems. But when I go through the configuration, I was totally unsatisfied with that configuration. I Found some above my expectation and some below my expectation.... So I just listed what ever I want and demanded an assembled system of my own configuration... And this was some 3 years back, And i'm still using that system, Not even serviced it single time... So I always prefer assembled PC rather than a branded one... Happy Mylotting............
• China
22 Sep 09
Personally, I like the assembly machine, assembly and brands are the characteristics of their The key to see your own purposes, that there is no absolute good, the whole assembly machine configuration flexibility, the biggest advantage is that it can configure according to their own needs, for example, I like to watch movies, then the hard drive with a big, and then add block ATI HD3650 graphics card to see high-definition used, the election of 26-inch display, CPU does not require very top, AMD6000 enough. If the previous assembly machine's price is also a big advantage, at present, according to my personal point of view, basically no advantage, you can go take a look at DELL's desktop machines, not in your price and they are worthy of a few hundred dollars, but the warranty is indeed two years. This machine can be assembled not such a good after-sales service. Also, the assembly machine is very easy to tinker with the boss on accessories, such as my classmates machine has been installed on the false memory. In addition, if not really understand their own, the price is still not clear if the bar online ordering DELL, personal views! Because if do not understand the words easily slaughtered, and the compatibility may be bad. In short, the brand of after-sales is good, good compatibility, the price is slightly expensive, assembly machine configuration flexibility, after-sale trouble spots. The price a little cheaper.
@cmdr001 (371)
• Portugal
21 Sep 09
Assembled, by myself preferably, since I know what's going in there, why and how it's configured. Branded PCs are... expensive, they come in specific models so that if you want a given component you have yet to spend more money, the only thing they sometimes have going for them being different kind of warranties. When I assemble one I can pick every single component I will use and I typically have a reason for what I choose. From the casing to the power supply, passing by CPU, VGA, RAM, etcetera. I won't be binded to outdated components or be forced to use weird configurations, plus many times they give you these disgusting looking casings that it makes the whole computer look like an over-sized toaster or something of the sort. So, yes, assembled PCs. Whoever is a "noob" and has money to burn, go right ahead and buy those brand stuff.
@calai618 (1781)
• Philippines
21 Sep 09
Like you, I also prefer assembled PC with universal components in it. Life is just so much easier with it because you can always find a lot of replacements everywhere and you will not be having problems with consistency with brands. I used to have this SOny DVD writer and I would always have troubles using it because it wouldn't accept unbranded CDS or tose which aren't made by sony too.. :(