Ukay-ukay shopping in the Philippines!!!

September 22, 2009 5:09am CST
Ukay-ukay - There are great finds in ukay-ukay. You can also work up your bargaining skills (Tagalog: tawad, Bisaya: hangyo) here.
If you've not been here, you might be more familiar of the these terms: Bargain, yard/rummage/sale/tag/attic/junk sale, or whatever you call it. There are many ukay-ukay items commonly sold: piles and piles of used clothing are displayed in set-up tables, while assorted sandals and shoes, bags, belts, head bands, curtains and bed covers line up the sidewalks. Open stalls are abundant in public markets all over the Philippines and it's flocked by many of their suki(frequent buyers) depending on "new-arrival" schedules, usually on weekends. Although there's another way of selling ukay-ukay: Surplus Shops - located in malls, Pinoys still love the thrill they get when they dig in the pile and find some treasured piece of blouse regardless of how hot the sun is, and how crowded the place is...Very affordable prices are offered and it's the cheapest way to purchase clothes. If you get lucky, you'd find designer items and purchase them for as low as 5 pesos (roughly $0.1)!For me, ukay-ukay help those who are in a tight budget to buy clothes and other wearable items. But with this, there's also a downside. To think they don't give receipts for the consumers, it would be unfair for those who abided by the law and obtained a permit to run their venture. Afterall, we Filipinos are the ones who will suffer if this sort of business wouldn't pay any amount of tax, right? I think they should regulate a law for this. How about you, what do you think?