can it be happen to our world?

September 24, 2009 3:35am CST
there is possibility that it will happen when people will abuse mother nature. one of the factor than cause is throwing of garbage anywhere it can cause flood and swallow your country of water.
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24 Sep 09
We all abuse the world we live in, even if we don't realise it. Everything we eat, touch, use - is directly or indirectly linked to the planet. Be that sheep grazing on grass, bricks fired in order to build our homes - the fuel that we use to drive or heat our homes with. No matter what, we hit the globe every single day, to a greater or lesser degree. And yes, throwing rubbish around is not a great thing to do and nothing I ever do but no matter what, you can't avoid 'abusing' the planet. The trick is - how we do it. Clearing our rubbish away, walking more, eating better foods, wearing natural products, recycling, using greener fuel and so on all help reduce or carbon footprints. If I were you I'd just focus on what you can do in order to help the world turn for a little bit longer ;)
• Philippines
24 Sep 09
yeah your right.. let see what we can do..thanks a lot for the response.=)
@Apples24 (425)
• Singapore
9 Nov 09
We abuse our world because of some inconsiderate people . We as individuals, should care of our world and it is the one and only planet that can support life. We should love earth and bring out a balance of economy and environment . I believe we cannot reverse the effects but we can at least slow it down to show the wonders of mother nature to the following generations
@rsa101 (16182)
• Quezon City, Philippines
9 Nov 09
I have watch in the National Geographic about these instant freezing of earth and it says in there that it could happen again since our natural rotation to our orbit at times goes farther away from the sun which makes the earth cooler than where we are right now. They presented a case where in Montreal there were a time that they experience severe winter that even the tower grids collapse because of that very cold day. It lasted for a week before they have restored everything back and the officials were in the brink of declaring the place abandoned had it not stopped from snowing heavily. That happened only in one place and if we come to a point that we go farther from the sun it may happen to the whole planet. So nature can also act on its own cycle too but with human intervention to mother nature we could hasten this things from happening. I am more concerned about the warming actually since I live in the tropics I can feel the heat is getting intense already and there seems to be more typhoons and flooding that come with it during the rainy seasons.
@vopols (204)
• Philippines
25 Sep 09
I guess it is possible that this catastrophe will really happened not because of the acts of human kind but because our planet is slowly making its way towards the sun our planet is pulled by the force of the sun that is why we are experiencing global warming.Thats why scientist keep on looking possibilities of life to other planet like mars hoping to find life.We must prepare for it and accept the fact that we cannot do anything but accept we will all die.