How many cigarettes a day do you smoke or have you smoked ?

@Bluepatch (2480)
Trinidad And Tobago
September 25, 2009 7:06am CST
I have a friend who used to smoke 80 cigarettes a day and then stopped all at once. He is past 70 years of age and says he is still living because he stopped the smoking. I smoke about fifty or sixty cigarettes a day now and I'm 58 years old. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day ? Or, how many did you smoke before you stopped ?
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@nadrolski (220)
• Philippines
21 Nov 10
i usually smoke a minimum of ten (10) sticks (half pack) of Marlboro Lights, and a maximum of twenty (20) sticks (1 pack) per day. during the mornings alone before i go to work, i am already consuming four (4) to five (5) sticks!
• Singapore
9 Apr 10
i never try smoking before and i also do not want to try in the future i hate the smell of it and whenever i see someone smokes i will go far from them , can not understand why they still smoke when it can create a lot of disease and affect other
9 Apr 10
the most i have ever smoked was about 2 packs a day, that's 40 smokes. that was also on the weekends back in my speed days. i have cut down to like one pack lasting me three days but 4 packs a day?!?! wow that's quite a bit.
@breepeace (3027)
• Canada
5 Oct 09
I think I maybe smoke around 15 a day. Sometimes more and sometimes less depending on the circumstances -- if I'm busy I smoke far less, and if I'm bored at home I might go out for a smoke every hour or so. On roadtrips I can easily smoke a pack plus.
@zed_k4 (17627)
• Singapore
26 Sep 09
Wow, that's really a lot. I'm trying to get the patch; heard it works. Or the chewy gum. Which makes our cravings lesser. I think it's best to stop smoking; I'm searching for tips and information on the net; and generally I come to 2 conclusions. Go cold-turkey totally or cutting down the smoke breaks and downsizing it up till one no more needs it.
@Thoroughrob (11750)
• United States
25 Sep 09
I smoke about a half a pack a day. I used to smoke about a pack a day, but there is no way I can afford to anymore. I am trying to stop.