If someone smelled really bad would you tell them?

United States
September 26, 2009 4:29pm CST
I would tell someone if they smelled really bad. I would take them to the side and let them know they smell. I would not say this too them to be mean. I would tell them this out of good manners. Noone wants to stand or sit next to someone that stinks really bad. The person sould know because it prevents futher embarrassment. It would maybe make them relize to take better care of themselves. IF I were to smell I would hope someone would tell me.
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@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
2 Feb 10
Actually, I meet several people who had really unthinkable body odors but because I understand that self-esteem is very sensitive and flimsy and a very controversial issue, I withheld my tongue and just prefer to stay away from them when they're coming and their odor started spreading in the air.hehe
@RobinJ (2501)
• Canada
26 Sep 09
I agree, it is far more embarrassing to be thought of as dirty of indifferent to personal hygiene, than to be told we have bad breath or body odour. I personally have had this happen to me, the first time was I was told I smelled of stale urine, and it taught me to buy proper incontinence pads, rather than monthly period pads the first ones have a deodorizer effect, the second is I suffer from bad breath, and breath mints nor mouth was work, I found a product at the health food store that does and it is liquid chlorophyll. you use 6 drops in a small glass of water and bad breath gone, use it by drinking it it is not a mouth wash. very effective.
• United States
26 Sep 09
most likely if someone spells bad they will know, like one day i had gym and i forgot to bring extra deodorant and i sweated off the deodorant i had one this morning and i was stinking and people told me plus i kind of smelled it myself. another time i forgot to put on deodorant and my mom brought some to school. so basically at school someone is going to tell them. and i would tell someone if they stunk because the resource person down stairs has small deodorants so they could just go down there and get one and if it wasn't there arms and it was there down there area what i did one time is my friend down there area stinked so i sprayed my self in that area and said i was on my period and then i said hey do u want some i didn't even give her enough time to answer and i sprayed her in that area she said thanks. so i don't know if she smelled it as well but at least she didn't get mad. in conclusion i think its important to tell someone they stink because it might upset them but i bet they wouldn't want to walk around the whole day stinking.