Apocalyptic movies

United States
September 26, 2009 4:32pm CST
I am watching a made for tv 2 part miniseries called Impact. The premise is that a piece of a burned out star, a brown dwarf, collided with another brown dwarf and fragments were sent out. Unlike other movies of this type, the fragment did not hit the earth, this one hit the moon. Since the brown dwarf is a compressed star, the mass of the moon becomes over double the mass of the earth. Due to properties of the star, and the movement it causes on the moon, the earth is in danger of apocalyptic damage, in other words it will be destroyed. Yesterday I watched a movie called the Chaos Experiment. This was a psychological thriller. A scientist who went over the edge, locks subjects in a steam room to see the effects of global warming on them. Last week I watched another apocalyptic thriller about an huge asteroid on collision course towards the earth. There was a movie also about 2012, when the Mayan calendar is supposed to end, and of course many other ranging from made for tv, low budget, and a some big budget blockbuster movies. With the predictions of some about 2012, the possibilities are being made into movies. The same happened for Y2K. I know I remember other movies such as Dr Strangelove and Fail Safe from the 60s during the cold war era. I was wondering what others thought was the reason for the propensity to dwell on our ultimate demise, or an apocalyptic future as in some other futuristic movies as the Matrix? Do you watch these movies and why do you like or dislike them?
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