Are you addicted to the internet?

@trm820 (222)
United States
September 26, 2009 5:35pm CST
I know I am. I do tons of things online. I read newspapers from all over the world and look at sites as well. I am also in the process of trying to find work. People shake their head when informed of an internet addiction then I look at them with a smile and I ask a couple of questions, examples are - ow much soda a day do you drink? How much coffee? How much chocolate to you consume? How many cigarettes a day do you smoke? How many television shows a week do you watch that are like weekly favorites? You see we are ALL addicted to something.
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• India
23 Oct 09
hi friend i too one one person among them.i was also edict to the internet previously but i have been changing from that mentality because we have to use internet,because we get so much knowledge and information from the internet.but this usage must be limit it won't go for i want to say example one of childhood friend was edict to this internet from his small age.due to this he won't concentrate on studies.this make him to fail in intermediate for 2 times.after this he stop his studies because he was completely that time he was realized,this is because of internet. after this he decided to use internet for study purpose,it is not for time pass.after one year gap again he went for he was sett;ed at u.k.that's why i want to say thing here use the internet but don't edict to it. this is my opinion....
@kunizzul (1067)
• Malaysia
23 Oct 09
Hi trm820, Well, of course I am addicted to internet. I always online about 10-12 hours a day. I will open many website at once and also chatting at the same time.
• China
23 Oct 09
yeah , maybe when you like to do something you find you'll be addicted to it soon,this is a common.But exclude the special person who have strong willpower...
• India
23 Oct 09
I am tittle bit addicted to internet and computer,but i always put limit on my internet usage.There is a proper time table for me on the net.In the morning i spend one hour on the net and in between my jog i spend two to three hours.Now am working as a network mengineer in a software firm.In between my work i get lot of free time.If i get any free time mi like to spend it on mylot and other money making sites.Now a days gaming and Internet addiction is a growing problem facing many families, couples, and individuals both young and old. This psychological disorder is defined as uncontrolled gaming and Internet-related behavior which interferes with or impairs normal functioning, and causes severe emotional distress for the individual, their family, friends, or their loved ones. Gaming and Internet addiction can also disrupt one’s academic performance, or their job performance. Game and Internet addicts typically and unwittingly make games and cyberspace the top priority in their daily lives.
@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
1 Oct 09
Hey, Yea to tell you the truth, I think that I am actually addicted to the Internet, I have no idea why though. But one reason could be is because their are so many things that you can do online, and you will never get bored of it. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!