what do you think about your university education

Sun Yet-sen University - It is my school located in Guangzhou,China.
@HeidiD (167)
September 27, 2009 11:18am CST
Now I am still a student. I alway feel frustrated after an one-year-study. Is it the common feeling for a Grade 2 student in an university? What can I do to change my mind. people around always talking about how hard to find jobs,to go abroad or even to have deep education. I thought whether it is worthwhile to have university education.
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@dex1007 (556)
• Malaysia
28 Sep 09
I feel ya. My university is very uncooperative. it costs a lot and i don't have much of a choice. Personally i think the administrations are just out for the money, they don't want to help the students. secondly, some of my tutors/professors have other jobs or businesses, they put that first. some don't even bother coming to classes at all. its frustrating, we need to study by ourselves to answer the coming exam when we have not even studied much. assignments are pain in the neck. I feel ya, i don't know if university is worth all of this, on top of the school pressure, i have pressure from my family side too. its hard. but i still want to do it, because out there, people with degrees find it hard to get decent jobs, for us who don't have a degree it will be nearly impossible. I have to try.